SmartExergy – the wireless communication technology for realtime & low power applications

Energy is the one of the biggest challenges for wireless applications on the way to make the world or things intelligent. Lifetime, maintenance intensity, realtime capability, range and robustness – all depend on the energy consumption. SmartExergy solves this problem with a new communication technology that needs up to 10.000 times less energy than state of the art systems. Through a unique software and hardware-based wake up strategy, sensors can sleep and communicate in parallel. SmartExergy developed a system consisting of software and hardware components that allows customers to easily integrate this technology into their products and services.

How does it work?

Smartexergy-Ullustration Amir DG_03_transparent

  1. Wireless sensors enabled by SmartExergy: The sensors communicate their data in realtime to the “SmartExergy Gateway”.
  2. SmartExergy Gateway: The Gateway collects the data from the wireless sensor network and communicates it to the internet.
  3. SmartExergy Cloud: The operation system enables all the benefits for the wireless network. The software is easy to integrate in applications.



  • Low power real-time communication: Through unique algorithms, SmartExergy has gone one step further. Realtime and hardly energy. End nodes consume up to 10.000 times less energy in real time mode (< 3 µA in realtime mode), thereby increasing batterie lilfe time, reduce energy costs and maintenance intensity.
  • Flexibility: Easy to extend additional sensors.
  • Long distance coverage: Our networks can cover unlimited distances and enable the communication of large networks with Multi-Hop and only one master for up to 65 000 sensors.
  • Frequency-independence: The device communication is frequency independent.
  • Protocol-independence:  The communication is independent from standards.
  • Easy to use: Fast integration into sensors and IT infrastructure.