Our company name has changed !

We are proud to announce that our company name has changed to endiio Engineering GmbH.



What is SmartExergy?

SmartExergy provides a unique combination of comprehensive solutions for energy harvesting, real-time wireless communication and cloud-based data analysis. No matter which application area: SmartExergy is your ticket to the IoT world of low-energy, maintenance-free, secure and reliable communication technology .

How does it work?

With our patented wake-up technology  we are able to reduce power consumption of wireless sensors to less than 3µA without compromising on the availability. Existing wireless frontends can be easily modified without having to change the frequency and communication protocol.

Why should you use it?

Due to reduced energy consumption, a longer device lifespan and the possibility of unlimited distance coverage in networks, SmartExergy helps to drastically reduce your costs. With its scalability and frequency-independent interoperability, SmartExergy can be easily integrated into in any system environment.

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